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Klinkert Software and Services Company provides communications network planning, design, implementation and operations technology strategy  services through software and a methodology developed from years of academic research and industry consulting. The software tool and services methodology prescribe an optimal network topology, using powerful optimization (mathematical programming) techniques. Founded by a leader in network architecture strategy, Anthony Klinkert, the company is dedicated to optimizing networks for organizations desiring the lowest cost, highest performing network architecture.


For medium and large scale networks, the savings could be substantial, in terms of capital and operating expense over the planning horizon.

The software addresses medium and large scale enterprise networks (operational, workforce and fleet networks), Machine to Machine networks (utility 'smart grid' communications networks), wide area Internet of Things networks (asset tracking, sensors), large scale communications networks (city wide video surveillance, government closed circuit / secure communications) and expansion of carrier networks (small cell backhaul, virtual private customer networks).



“The Network Strategizer provided my utility with keen insight into a particularly challenging problem we were facing - lack of capacity on key network elements. The tool, and the novel methodology we used to solve the problem, was outstanding. I recomment the methodology and the tool Klinkert and his team have developed, especially when you need to see the effect on your entire network, and than perform 'what-if' analysis on scenarios that would solve the challenge.....”
A major utility
“The software and services provided by KSSI helped me quickly see what parts of our deployment needs to be fiber, what part microwave, and how to leverage the end points for access to new wireless customers. The tool and the profesionals at KSSI are great! I highly recommend them! ”
Chief Architect
State Wide Internet Access Network


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What is an optimal network?

Simply put, an optimal network is a network that is, or will be, a high quality network, meaning it meets all requirements and specifications, at the automatically lowest possible cost, meaning the software finds the network that minimizes the total cost, including all capital and operating cost over your planning horizon, which becomes your total lifecycle cost for the network.