Here are our most frequently asked questions, answered!

Q: Will the Network Strategizer work for my network (its new, old, big, small, wired, optical, service provider, leased, etc. etc.)?

A: As long as you can provide coordinates for source (input) and sink (output) sites, and equipment specifications, we can use The Network Strategizer ™ to help you discover your optimal network.

Q: How much does your software and services cost?

A: The Network Strategizer ™ with The Optimal Network Methodology ™ provides customers with the opportunities to increase profit by reducing costs and increasing productivity of costly expert staff and outside professional services. Our combined software and services projects are priced such that you receive hundreds of times, at least tens of times the value of your investment, through improvements that include:

• Improved coordination between staff consultants, contractors, integrators;
• Improved coordination between teams’ (access, backhaul, core, public carriers);
• Reduced number of links in the topology;
• Right-sized links for the given traffic requirement;
• Minimum antenna heights required on leased towers (lower lease fees);
• Optimum mix of point to point (P2P), point to multipoint (PTMP), and mesh
• Optimum use of unlicensed versus licensed wireless frequencies.

Estimates of costs savings approach 30% over the life cycle of a project with an optimized technology strategy, versus a project with suboptimal strategy at each realization stage of planning, design, implementation and multi-year operational life.

Q: Can we get a software license for the software only, or do we need to engage your services also?

A: At the present time, the software is not stand-alone, it is an Alpha version. Therefore, we must run the software for you. We have discounted the software license fee to allow you to budget for the professional services required to run the tool. You obtain a one year license to benefit from the software, and you can engage our services to run the software for you at any time.

Q: I would like to be trained on the software, purchase a license for it, and use it myself with my own trained staff. When can I do that?

A:  The Beta version of our software will be available shortly. At that time, you can lease the software, take training from us, and use the software on your premises. We anticipate this to be available in approximately 4Q 2014. 

Q: How do I get started?

A:  Send us an inquiry using the email utility on the contacts page. We will get back to you ASAP!

Q: Are you growing? Do you need help?

A:  Yes! We are growing quickly and are always looking for new team members. Visit our Careers Page for more information.




What is an optimal network?

Simply put, an optimal network is a network that is, or will be, a high quality network, meaning it meets all requirements and specifications, at the automatically lowest possible cost, meaning the software finds the network that minimizes the total cost, including all capital and operating cost over your planning horizon, which becomes your total lifecycle cost for the network.