The Network Strategizer  ™

Traffic, Candidate and Available Sites
Input customer sites, and candidate, available or ficticious sites
Valid Equipment LInks
Input valid equipment links using MS Excel™
Google Earth™ (GE) Feasible Links
Network Strategizer™ computes all feasible links
GE Optimal Links
Then computes optimal links
Excel sheet Optimal Links
Outputs include Google Earth ™ KML files and Excel ™ tables
Financial Information
Financial information is presented in standard or customized charts and tables.



Perhaps the best use of the The Network Strategizer and The Optimal Network Methodology is during routine operations of your network. By maintaining a model of your network in the Network Strategizer, you have a baseline of optimality that you can plan against. For example should changes occur, such as those listed below, you can quickly assess how to optimally change your network. Doing this you are practicing "continuous and never ending improvement" (simultainously meeting changing needs, at the automatically lowest cost). 

  • Customer traffic just went "through the roof" - How do I react?
  • An unexpected outage just took down part of my network for an extended period - What is the best way to recover? 
  • My equipment will no longer be supported - How can I optimally move forward?
  • My carrier just raised prices again - Are parts of my network now prime for buildout?
  • My lease on my rooftops just went up, should I now consider leasesd tower space? At what elevation(s)?
  • My unlicensed spectrum is suffering from increased interference, reducing my capacities - What is the effect on my network?
  • If I lease capacity to someone, but must increase my network capacity to do it - Where is my breakeven point?


Networking professionals use The Network Strategizer™ and The Optimal Network Methodology ™ during the planning phase to set the solution approach to your new network or changing network initiatives.

  • Determine optimal mix of wireless, wired and fiber
  • Determine optimality of public versus private networks
  • Do what-if on various vendor’s / carrier’s solutions
  • Understand best approach to current network expansion
  • Establish the target architecture for vendor proposals
  • Allocate network segments to design specialists
  • Consider optimal total cost of ownership alternatives

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  • Use to continuously refine design objectives
  • Refine optimal network strategy using speciality design tools
  • Develop RFP direction to respondents
  • Refine and re-optimize post RFP response
  • Quickly re-optimize after site survey surprises
  • Factor in more accurate costs and deep design tool inputs
  • Continue refining the optimal network through deployment

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  • Use to continuously refine  objectives
  • Refine optimal rollout after any field changes
  • Develop quick response for contractror changes
  • Refine and re-optimize post installation for actual traffic
  • Quickly re-optimize after installation walk-thru surprises
  • Factor in more accurate installation costs and field inputs
  • Continue refining the optimal network up to operations

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