The Optimal Network Methodology ™


Set the right course for your new, refreshed or expanded network

Our network services technologists work with your initiative leadership to quickly establish and evaluate business and technology drivers that are influencing change. You work with us to structure the information needed for network strategy optimization. With the Network Strategizer ™ planning tool, we then provide “the optimal network” architecture, at this point, a solution approach we call a network strategy is completed. This network strateghy is the lowest cost network topology that meets current operational start, and planning horizon requirements. This optimal solution approach can include automatic evaluation and prescription of a mix of technologies (wireless, copper, fiber, and carrier), givne vendors’ proposed equipment, RFI information, and all known cost information. We help you drive the strategy in multiple areas including coaching your staff or contractors in each network technology requirement (wireless, microwave, copper, fiber, carrier solutions), using your speciality tools or ours. You now have the peace of mind knowing your starting network strategy is optimal – the best approach available – using The Optimal Network Methodology ™.


Stay on track as you manage your paper design, site survey and final design iterations.

During design, our network strategy team can continue influencing the design team by a process of continuous improvement of the network strategy. We call this the design strategy. For your medium to large scale networks, the Network Strategizer ™ provides the automatic optimization and visualization that your team requires to sort out the complexity.  Your team, contractors or our team can then complete deep detailed designs using your own, or our recommended deep design tools (wireless planning tools, IP network planning tools, copper or fiber or GIS tools, and operational network management tools). As each sub network (wireless, fibered, wired, etc.) or each layer (access, distribution, and core) is completed, the information in incorporated into the Network Strategizer ™, and the overarching optimal network strategy is updated. By evaluating vendor and carrier solutions, and comparing them to the optimal multi-vendor optimal solution prescribed by the Network Strategizer ™, you can help drive competitive single, dual or multi-vendor bids. The Network Strategizer ™ will keep your detailed design on track for optimal performance at minimum capital and operating cost.

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As you move to implementation Network Strategizer leads the way.

The final stage of detail, the implementation stage, is where the details of the individual links in your architecture are finalized and installation begins. During installation site walkthrough, coming many days, weeks or even months after site survey and final detailed design, conditions may yet again change. New information about fiber permitting, newly discovered obstructions to microwave links, last minute inputs from sales or marketing driving up traffic forecasts due to discovered pent up demand, all these last minute changes could affect one or more designed links, which can affect the optimality in the region surrounding the links, and can even push a technology decision one way or the other (from an access technology for a few customers to a distribution technology for a newly discovered set of customers, or now fiber could ‘prove-in’ over microwave, for example, as the ultimate backhaul technology for high traffic and traffic scalability). As final costs are negotiated including for example leased tower or leased real-estate information is obtained per site and per link, a commercial start snapshot of your optimal network (accurate costs and performance capability) emerges. This snap shot baseline then can be used as you manage network changes through the crucial first year and beyond.


Cost Take-out

If your network requires change, why not take out costs too?

The Network Strategizer ™ is a software planning tool that delivers a network architecture that is the lowest cost that meets the requirements (present and future). If you have an operational network, there are many scenarios you can run with our services and software that will help you both make the changes needed while taking out cost of your current and future network plans. One common scenario is to load your current network into the tool, and see if it is ‘optimal’ (meaning delivers your current traffic via the least cost technology in the access, distribution and backbone/core layers of your network). Another scenario is to consider your current network as your zero (sunk) cost network to “optimally fill up” first, and then only add new network when it is overall most cost effective. It is a revealing insight (either an epiphany or just an objective factual confirmation of a present feeling), when it costs more to ‘fill up’ your current network with your existing technology, vendor or carrier, versus building or leasing new network technologies. As networks become larger, cost takeout initiatives are worth the investment many times over.

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